How Do I Serve The Liberty Mutual Insurance Company?

How Do I Serve the Liberty Mutual Insurance Company?

The Liberty Mutual Insurance Company can be served at it’s corporate headquarters, which are located at 175 Berkley Street, Boston, MA 02116 or through it’s registered agent Corporation Services Company at 84 State Street, Boston, MA 02109.  Liberty Mutual Group has several subsidiaries. Not all of it’s subsidiaries can be served at Corporation Services Company.

Attorney Support is a local Boston, Massachusetts process serving company that can serve the Liberty Mutual Insurance Company or any of it’s subsidiaries within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your legal documents in our office. The cost to serve the Liberty Mutual Insurance Company or any of it’s subsidiaries in Boston is only $65.00. Each additional subpoena, summons and complaint, etc. that you want served on Liberty Mutual is only $30.00. Our service includes printing up to 50 pages free for the the first document and a notarized affidavit of service that you can file with the court clerk. If your state court has specific service requirements or requires a specific service of process affidavit then please, forward that information or form to us.

We make the process of serving the Liberty Mutual Insurance Company in Boston, MA as simple and pain free as possible. Call us at 617-990-4234 or email us at  We will have you email us your documents for service. Those documents will be printed. A credit card invoice will be sent to you for payment. Once the payment is made. We will serve your legal documents at Liberty Mutual’s Registered Agent Corporation Service Company in Boston or at Liberty Mutual Insurance Company’s Corporate Headquarters.

You may mail  or overnight your documents to our Boston address below with a check but please, call us first to discuss the details.

Mailing Address: Attorney Support Group 71 Commercial Street, Suite 102, Boston, MA 02109.

The Liberty Mutual Group is one of the largest property and casualty insurance companies in the world. It’s corporate headquarters are located in Boston, MA. It writes both personal and commercial lines insurance through many of it’s subsidiaries including:

  • Liberty Corporate Services.
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance Company.
  • Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company.
  • Employers Insurance Company of Wausau.
  • Safeco Insurance.
  • Liberty Mutual Group Asset Management.
  • AmTrust Surety.
  • Liberty Mutual Personal Insurance Company.
  • Helmsman Management Services LLC.
  • Liberty Life Holdings Inc.
  • Liberty Mutual Managed Care Inc.
  • Liberty Mutual Auto and Home Services LLC.
  • Liberty Mutual Capital Corporation (Boston).
  • Liberty Mutual Equity LLC.
  • Liberty Mutual Foundation Inc.
  • Liberty Mutual Group Inc.
  • Liberty Mutual Holding Company Inc.
  • Liberty Mutual Investment Advisors LLC.
  • Liberty Mutual Mid-Atlantic Insurance Company.
  • Liberty Mutual Personal Insurance Company.

Will Corporation Service Company Boston(CSC) accept all legal documents for the subsidiaries of the Liberty Mutual Group?

The answer to this question is yes and no. Generally, when a process server goes to Corporation Services Company the staff will a take the legal papers from the server without checking. Does that mean Corporation Service Company is accepting Service? No! What happens next is the staff checks to see if the company or organization is a client of Corporation Services Company. If they are the registered agent the documents are forwarded to the client company. Otherwise, the law firm or attorney who is attempting to serve the company will receive a letter from CSC stating that the company is not a client of CSC. Therefore, service is not valid. Bad service of process results in delays. Delays in discovery and court dates. Not to mention unhappy clients.

We make sure your legal documents for the Liberty Mutual Group or one of it subsidiaries is served correctly.

The first step is to confirm with the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s Corporation Division who the actual registered agent is.  We can do this for you by checking the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s Corporate database. In the event that Corporation Services Company Boston is not the registered agent what can you do? We can simply serve the company at their corporate offices at 175 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA.

We are authorized to serve your subpoena, summons and complaint or order to show cause on one of the Liberty Mutual Group Companies.

The last thing you want is your service of process on one of the Liberty Mutual Group’s companies challenged. It will cost you time and money. As Massachusetts constables and private process servers we are familiar with the federal rules of civil process, Massachusetts rules of civil process and the rules of several states. We have served all types of legal documents from every state in the United States.  We have served Liberty Mutual hundreds of times.  Once service of process is complete, we will provide you with a notarized affidavit of service

Author: Merrill Smallwood, JD, Massachusetts Constable

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